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2 Oct, 2020 00:46

Navalny accuses Putin, but does poisoning make sense? (Full show)

Kremlin critic and opposition figure Alexei Navalny, recovered from his apparent poisoning, has given his first public interview since his coma. He blames the Russian government and President Putin for the crime, despite the dearth of real evidence. The Kremlin has flatly denied all allegations. Russian FM Sergei Lavrov slammed western “arrogance,” pointing out that the quick thinking and professionalism of Russian pilots, doctors and investigators were crucial in saving Navalny’s life. The West continues to ignore Russia’s repeated requests for information about their findings and cooperation in investigating the crime. Rick Sanchez puts it all in context before RT’s Peter Oliver provides the details. Then former UK MP George Galloway shares his analysis, pointing out how the western media narrative of the Navalny poisoning “doesn’t add up.”

Fierce fighting continues in Nagorno-Karabakh as Armenian and Azerbaijani forces defy the countries’ ceasefire and continue their fierce fighting. RT’s Igor Zhdanov reports from the scene.

New York State is extending the coronavirus eviction moratorium through January 21, 2021, much to the chagrin of landlords. When the state shut down because of the pandemic in March, New York City courts had 200,000 pending housing court cases and eviction warrants for 14,000 families. RT America’s Trinity Chavez reports. Then Jason Hartman of Platinum Properties Investor Network joins shares his perspective.

Former FBI Director James Comey gave Congressional testimony on Thursday wherein he spoke to new evidence that the media-driven frenzy of “Russiagate” was a premeditated tactic with which the Clinton campaign of 2016 sought to discredit then-candidate Donald Trump. RT America’s Faran Fronczak has the details.