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The News with Rick Sanchez - November 8, 2019 (17:00 ET)

Rick Sanchez reports on violent protests against inequality and corruption in Chile, Lebanon and Iraq, which have already left hundreds dead. What’s behind the upheaval? Billionaire investor Ray Dalio has warned of “self-reinforcing spirals up for the haves and down for the have-nots” creating ever-widening income inequality in countries around the world. Prof. Richard Wolff shares his insights. He says modern global capitalism is a “broken, unsuccessful economic system” and that the romantic “bootstraps” view of capitalism is “a beautiful idea that doesn’t correspond with reality.” 

Former presidential candidate and US Rep. Dr. Ron Paul (R-Texas) weighs in on the problem of exploding global debt. 

RT America’s Michele Greenstein discusses self-driving cars. 

Pain management specialist Dr. John Dombrowski joins to discuss mounting health problems among millennials.  Plus, RT America's Steve Christakos joins for "Jock Talk."