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The News with Rick Sanchez - October 9, 2019 (20:00 ET)

The European Union has warned member states of working with “hostile countries” to deploy 5G wireless technology. RT America’s Sara Montes de Oca joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the West’s continuing campaign against telecommunications giant Huawei.

Then economist and founder of “Democracy at Work” Dr. Richard Wolff shares his expertise. The IMF’s austerity deal with Ecuador’s government has resulted in massive, violent protests in the capital city of Quito. RT’s Nicholas Sanchez O’Donovan reports from the scene.

Then Andres Arauz, former Ecuadorean Central Bank official, weighs in on the protests. RT America’s Rachel Blevins reports on the Turkish invasion of Syria before Maj. Danny Sjursen, retired US Army officer and former West Point instructor, weighs in on the topic.

Plus, former director of Government, Public and Family Affairs at the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Jamie Finch joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the FAA’s plan to allow airplane seats to be made even smaller.