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4 Oct, 2019 22:16

The News with Rick Sanchez - October 4, 2019 (17:00 ET)

Violent protests in Iraq against corruption and unemployment have left 40 dead. What do US occupation, Iran and China have to do with it? Todd “Bubba” Horowitz, CEO of Bubba trading and former Pentagon official Michael Maloof join RT America’s John Huddy (in for Rick Sanchez) to explain.

Meanwhile in the US, HP is cutting 16 percent of its workforce to save money; Christy Ai, host of RT’s Boom Bust, reports. Comcast joins antitrust battle against Google as more Americans grow skeptical of social media’s stranglehold on news; investigative journalist Ben Swann and legal and media analyst Lionel join RT America’s John Huddy (in for Rick Sanchez) to unpack the latest.

The Australian dog breeder who created the Labradoodle now regrets it; RT America’s Trinity Chavez explains why.