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The News with Rick Sanchez - September 11, 2019 (20:00 ET)

India emerges as key to global recession (Full show)

India has been growing at six percent for years – but new indicators show that within the past six months its economy has begun to stagnate, causing 350,000 layoffs. Rick Sanchez reports. Then “Boom Bust” co-host Christy Ai reports from Singapore on the regional impact of the Hong Kong protests. Then Max Blumenthal, editor of the Grayzone and author of “Management of Savagery,” joins from Damascus, Syria to talk about continuing US military involvement in the country. Walter Block, professor of economics at Loyola University of New Orleans, joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the Trump administration’s proposed ban on flavored e-cigarettes after six deaths. Finally, Rick Sanchez reflects on the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.