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The News with Rick Sanchez - July 17, 2019 (20:00 ET)

US & Euro economies crumbling

European Central Bank is floating a ridiculous proposal to introduce “negative interest rates.” Rick Sanchez describes the economic horror that will arise. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve intends to cut interest rates yet again. Rick Sanchez breaks down what this means about the true state of the economy. 

Expect DOW plunge if interest rates don’t drop

The touted tax cuts on powerful corporations did not result in more capital investments but rather in stock buybacks to enrich those in control of these corporations. Rick Sanchez explains. Then Jack Rasmus professor of political economy at St. Mary’s College and author of Alexander Hamilton and the Origins of the Fed,  joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the Federal Reserve and the “shrinking global trade pie.”

Media bias: Why NBC pushes war

RT America’s Michele Greenstein joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the proverbial revolving door at NBC news and how it fosters the network’s routine and flagrant bias. She discusses NBC’s history of pushing out anti-war voices and NBC’s interlock with weapons manufacturers, the Council on Foreign Relations and numerous banks.