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27 Jun, 2019 00:53

The News with Rick Sanchez - June 26, 2019 (20:00 ET)

Rick Sanchez: Why Iran but not Pakistan or Saudi Arabia?

Pakistan receives billions of dollars in US aid and is allowed to have nuclear weaponry despite its disturbing and acknowledged collaboration with terrorists and extremist violence. Compare the US posture toward Pakistan with Washington’s aggression toward Iran. Rick Sanchez asks how US foreign policy became so arbitrary.

Ron Paul calls Saudi Arabia worse than Iran

Former congressman Dr. Ron Paul (R-Texas), chairman of the Institute for Peace and Prosperity, joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the latest US foreign policy blunders and how they affect politics at home. He argues that non-intervention demands more “courage and conviction” than the hawkish and superficial “toughness” celebrated in US politics.

Bitcoin surging: Could it hit 100k? 

Investigative journalist Ben Swann joins Rick Sanchez to discuss reports that Bitcoin is expected to reach $100,000 by the year’s end. He argues that institutional investors have made its current rise in value more sustainable than before.