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19 Jun, 2019 00:58

The News with Rick Sanchez - June 18, 2019 (20:00 ET)

NEW: What’ll happen when superflare hits Earth

Scientists fear that a super-massive solar flare could knock out Earth’s electrical grid within the next 100 years. Such an event would fry the Earth’s technology and plunge civilization into darkness. In August of 1859 such a “superflare” caused a power surge that melted the wires of telegraph centers all over the US. Rick Sanchez explains. Then geological and anthropological theorist Randall Carlson of Geocosmicrex.com shares his insights.

Iran: Europe must choose sides, against US or else

Former naval intelligence officer John Jordan and former US diplomat Jim Jatras join Rick Sanchez to discuss Iran’s willingness to pressure Europe to assert itself vis-à-vis its relations with Tehran in spite of Washington’s attempts to dictate European foreign policy.

India hits back at US economic attack 

Is the US isolating itself by engaging in trade wars with countries like India? RT America’s Michele Greenstein joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the brewing trade war between Washington and New Delhi and US overtures to raise India to a NATO-like ally status in the hope of containing China and weakening Russia.