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10 May, 2019 00:58

The News with Rick Sanchez - May 09, 2019 (20:00 ET)

WATCH: Americans have forgotten WWII

Rick Sanchez reports on the significance of Victory Day, an important holiday in many places around the world that commemorates the defeat of the Axis Powers in Europe by the triumphant Allies. He discusses the day’s relevance in Russia and interviews passersby in Washington, DC. He then ponders the likelihood of another world war on the horizon and how it might arise from current ongoing conflicts in places like Syria and Yemen.

FIERY DEBATE: Who’s the next Nazi Germany?

Political strategist and former naval intelligence officer John Jordan and human rights professor Daniel Kovalik join Rick Sanchez to discuss the legacy of World War II and to analyze the rising tensions between the US and Iran and whether these tensions might presage open warfare.

NY stores going out of business

Retail bankruptcies and store closures are mounting at an alarming rate with nearly 6,000 store closures announced so far this year, due in part to the rise of online shopping. RT America’s Trinity Chavez reports on the trend for the News with Rick Sanchez.