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8 Mar, 2019 02:12

The News with Rick Sanchez - March 07, 2019 (20:00 ET)

History of US secret assassination program

In the 1970s, Senator Frank Church led the charge to end the CIA practice of assassinating foreign leaders. In 1981, President Ronald Reagan prohibited assassinations by executive order. But they came back after 9/11, using a different weapon: drones. Donald Trump has now ordered the CIA to stop reporting on civilian casualties of its drone strikes, and Rick Sanchez explains why this is a terrible idea.

Rick Sanchez explodes over Trump drone killings

In the wake of the Trump administration canceling the rules on reporting causalities of drone warfare Rick Sanchez goes head to head with former Naval officer John Jordan over the ethics and impact of the unprecedented changes, how this might bring unforeseen danger to the US.

NEW: Freezing away deadly viruses

Cryogenic electron microscopy might be the new way of fighting viruses like Ebola. RT America’s Natasha Sweatte breaks down for the News with Rick Sanchez, this new technology and how it might change the way we deal with viruses once thought untreatable.