The News with Rick Sanchez - February 06, 2019 (20:00 ET)

US arms Al Qaeda. Saudis lie. I’m pissed! 

Where do you think US military equipment ends up when it is sent to Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates? Rick Sanchez discusses new reports that some of it was passed along to al Qaeda and reminds us that RT America has been reporting on the issue for months. Then former Pentagon official Michael Maloof joins Rick Sanchez to discuss.

Pompeo: Trump wrong on ISIS 

In a Wednesday speech to representatives from the US-led coalition against Islamic State, Donald Trump congratulated them on their victory but stopped short of declaring victory over “100 percent of the caliphate.” State Sec. Mike Pompeo urged members to continue to fight the traffic in weapons to terrorist groups but did not mention recent reports that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are giving US-made weapons to jihadist groups in Syria. RT America’s Dan Cohen has the details.

5G Wireless: The coming privacy nightmare  

While consumers are told to get excited about the faster speeds of 5G wireless networks, researchers warn that there are potential dangers and unforeseen violations of privacy associated with the new technology. RT America’s Michele Greenstein joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the risks and threats that come with the advent of 5G.