News with Ed - July 30, 2018

Fact vs. Fiction: Maria Butina Charges Explained

Although Maria Butina has not been charged with being a Russian spy, Mainstream media continues to report the contrary. There are no legal documents that charge Maria with being a spy or of having committed espionage, she faces one count of conspiracy and one count of not registering as an agent of Russia. Prosecutors have refused to turn over documents to her defense leaving her legal team in the dark. RT’s Anya Parampil reports.     

App Aims to Keep People Hydrated

In hopes of cutting down on pollution, D.C. officials releases an app to help residents locate areas where they can access free water. However, many people who download the app are quick to delete it or find they are not close to the locations offering the service. RT’s Ashley Banks reports.

What will Paul Manafort’s Finances Reveal?

As the case against Paul Manafort is approaching trial questions remain about the connection to the Trump campaign and what insight Manafort’s finances might reveal. For more we turn conservative commentator Steve Malzberg and former Florida Democratic Part Chair, Mitch Ceasar.