News with Ed - July 9, 2018

Brexit Fallout: Boris Johnson Quits
UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson quit today, firing off a scathing critique of the handling of the British exit from the European Union. RT America’s Anya Parampil breaks down the resignation and the future of Brexit with former UK Member of Parliament, George Galloway.

Trump’s SCOTUS Pick: Will Dems Push Back?
President Trump has moved rapidly to make a decision on a new Supreme Court Justice, since Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement from the court on June 27. Will the Democrats push back against Trump’s pick? For more we turn to tonight's political panel, Ken Del Vecchio, GOP strategist and Ladawn Jones, Former Georgia State rep.

Trump Visits NATO Members Ahead of Putin Summit

President Trump has arrived in Brussels for the NATO summit scheduled to begin Wednesday. This comes before he is set to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland. RT Americas’s Dan Cohen has the story.