News with Ed - April 12, 2018

Facebook drops fight against new privacy law

Facebook has backed off an effort to fight a new consumer privacy law in California. The law would require companies to let users know what type of data they are gathering. Former Republican congressman Bob Barr joins Ed Schultz to discuss the latest about the social media giant.

‘Contradictory messages’ being sent on Syria – independent journalist

To discuss the positions of the United States and European Union on a possible strike on Syria, RT America’s Ed Schultz is joined by independent journalist Rania Khalek. Khalek talks about how the refugee crisis is influencing politics in Europe, how gulf nations are vying for favoritism from the US and how much longer the Syrian conflict might endure for.


Debate: Are the implications of a US strike on Syria falling on deaf ears?

Many opposing viewpoints are being drowned out when it comes to the president's use of force in Syria. For more on the censorship of antiwar voices in the US media, RT America’s Ed Schultz speaks with former Georgia state representative LaDawn Jones and Republican strategist Chris Neiweem. Jones and Neiweem continue on to discuss what the future of the Trans-Pacific Partnership might be after Trump announced he will consider rejoining the trade pact.