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News with Ed - March 19, 2018

Putin wins landslide victory in Russian election

Vladimir Putin is set to lead Russia for another six years after winning the Russian presidential election with a record 76 percent of the vote. “News with Ed” host Ed Schultz reports.


Debate: What will the future of Mueller’s investigation hold?

On Friday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe had been removed from the FBI. The president went on a tirade Sunday, calling the entire Mueller investigation a "witch hunt." For more on the implications of this, RT America’s Ed Schultz is joined by radio host and political commentator Ben Kissel and conservative commentator Chris Neiweem.


Sex trafficking bill may limit free speech online

A bill in the House of Representatives is raising concern among internet rights groups like the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The purpose of the bill is to fight sex trafficking online. The bill undercuts a provision that protects websites from liability for their users’ free speech. To explain, RT America’s Ed Schultz is joined by legal and media analyst Lionel.