News with Ed -- February 6, 2018

‘Wall means more deaths’ – founder of Border Angels
President Donald Trump said he is willing to see another shutdown if it means securing the nation's borders. Meanwhile, his chief of staff maintains DACA recipients are not a priority for deportation. RT America’s Ed Schultz is joined by Enrique Morones, founder and director of Border Angels.

Will Trump’s border wall demand shut down government?
President Donald Trump is threatening to shut down the government over the border wall funding. Meanwhile, illegal border crossings have dropped by 40 percent under his administration. RT America’s Ed Schultz speaks with former Georgia State representative LaDawn Jones and Ted Harvey from the Committee to Protect the President.

Don’t be surprised if officials are held in contempt over FISA warrants – Lionel
The FBI and DOJ use of FISA warrants is under the spotlight following the House Intelligence Committee releasing the Nunes memo and the upcoming publication of the Democrats’ minority report. Media and legal analyst Lionel of Lionel Media discusses this further with RT America’s Ed Schultz.