News With Ed -- September 21, 2016

Congressional Black Caucus urging action on combating police killings
The frustration within the Congressional Black Caucus on Capitol Hill is growing as the country reels from another round of police shootings of black men. Members of Congress are now urging action. Ed Schultz, host of “News With Ed,” traveled to the Capitol and spoke with Representative Alma Adams (D-NC), who represents Charlotte, where Keith Scott was killed Tuesday.

If DOJ actually wanted to end police violence, they would charge cops – America’s Lawyer
Protesters in Tulsa Oklahoma are calling for the firing and arrest of police officer Betty Shelby to be fired after she shot and killed Terence Crutcher while his hands were in the air. For more on this, “News With Ed” is joined by America’s Lawyer Mike Papantonio, who says that if President Obama’s Department of Justice wanted to solve this problem – as they have indicated since Eric Holder time as Attorney General – they would bring charges against officers involved in shooting.