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16 Feb, 2022 00:23

Why did US destroy sensitive tech & docs in Ukraine embassy move?

Ukrainian officials including President Zelensky continue to deny Washington’s alarmism as the day predicted in US and UK for the expected Russian invasion came and went without a shot fired. For its part, the US moved its Ukraine embassy from Kiev to the far-western city of Lvov and destroyed computers, sensitive equipment and documents in their departure. What’s behind these scorched-earth dramatics? Jeremy Kuzmarov of CovertAction Magazine says the destruction of documents and equipment suggests that the US has been engaged in a “covert operation from the beginning” in Ukraine, possibly to provoke conflict between Ukraine and Russia. He points out that Ukraine has been “provoking Russia for years” and that these provocations are funded by millions in US aid, much of it lethal. He says that the government of Ukraine is one of the world's most corrupt and that reforms Zelensky promised in his campaign for the presidency have not materialized, making it difficult for other countries to engage Ukraine confidently in the diplomatic sphere.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau controversially activated the Emergencies Act to crack down on the “Freedom Convoy” protests. They seized and froze more than $20 million in donations and have moved to seized vehicles and make arrests. Nevertheless, he has been unable to tamp the growing popularity of the protest, which is gaining sympathy across Canada and all over the world. But given Trudeau’s support for “peaceful protests” in India as well as the Black Lives Matter movement in US and Canada, his vocal contempt and refusal to engage with the Freedom Convoy movement deserves examination. Austin Pelli of Sputnik, who has been eyewitness to the “Freedom Convoy” protests, says that the demonstrating truckers are “the nicest” and that Trudeau’s rhetoric about the protesters is “insane.”

Plus, RT America’s Natasha Sweatte examines turmoil in the international avocado trade, with a mysterious “verbal threat” alleged to have resulted in the cessation of Mexican avocado exports into the United States, which had been buying the vast majority of Mexican avocados abroad. California’s some 3,000 avocado farms aren’t believed to have the growing capacity to make up for the loss, and so we should expect the already costly avocado to skyrotcket. Then author and financial expert Barak Lurie weighs in.