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21 Jan, 2022 00:37

US Officials Coddling Criminals & Fueling Cycle of Lawlessness

President Biden’s year-in press conference, which involved two hours of questions from journalists, earned him a barrage of criticism from both Democrats and Republicans. A few hours later, Congress defeated the push by Democrats to abolish the filibuster, ensuring that Democrats’ simple majority would remain insufficient to enact major legislative action without GOP cooperation. Can Biden salvage his presidency from its dismal first-year performance? Former Georgia state lawmaker LaDawn Jones and Ed Martin of American Majority weigh in.

With violent crime up 92 percent from four years ago, there is new public scrutiny on Los Angeles County’s judicial system. Two murders in close succession, decried as “senseless” and highlighting purported inaction on the part of the criminal justice system, led to the resignation of the county’s embattled district attorney. RT America’s Trinity Chavez reports. Then former police officer Dominick Izzo joins to discuss the “dynamic, living, breathing problem” of anti-police bias flowing from social media and apathy in government and fueling violent lawlessness. He idealizes participatory local democracy and mob justice that would “tar and feather politicians” but admits this is unrealistic in the short term.

Legal analyst Mollye Barrows joins to discuss the adoption of the IRS of a new identity verification process, involving a third-party contractor, that will further complicate the process of filing taxes, invite technical error and data insecurity, and encroaches on the privacy of the taxpayer.

Plus, an iconic statue of President Teddy Roosevelt on horseback flanked by Black and Native American figures has been removed under cover of night. “Eat the Press” host Steve Malzberg shares his reaction.