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10 Dec, 2021 15:30

What will ‘faux boycott’ of Beijing Olympics really accomplish? (Full show)

RT America’s Faran Fronczak, former USTR official Steve Gill and “The Big Picture” host Holland Cooke join Scottie Nell Hughes for a deep dive into the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing. They talk about the mostly toothless and symbolic “boycott” of the Olympics, what it has to do with sponsorship by US corporations and the fraught US-China relationship, and what the Biden Administration ought perhaps to be doing differently.

Plus, the US Department of Justice is suing the State of Texas for allegedly gerrymandering electoral districts to the detriment of Black and Latino voters. But is this in fact a politicized DOJ “putting its thumb on the scales?” If so, then why isn’t it concerned with the eradication of Republican districts in New York?

Furthermore, to what extent did the coincidence of the Covid-19 pandemic with the census affect the results of the latter? The suit serves as a launching pad for a broader conversation about Democratic and Republican messaging and the prospects facing the two great parties of US democracy.