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7 Dec, 2021 01:09

Why US can't keep up with China's futuristic weapons (Full show)

The US Defense Department has the budget, the resources and the manpower. So why has Washington simply ceased to be competitive with Beijing in things like weapons development? Unable to make headway with its adversaries in Beijing on trade, the Biden administration has fixated on allegations of human rights abuses in China, threatening to boycott the looming Beijing Olympics. China has reacted with indignation and say Washington is offending the Olympian spirit with its “political meandering.” Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof and China watcher Chris Fenton, author of “Feeding the Dragon,” share their insights.

Plus, CNN has severed ties for good with former primetime news presenter Chris Cuomo after his suspension on Tuesday. M Reese Everson of the BLUSH Project and “Eat the Press” host Steve Malzberg weigh in.

Meanwhile, a new vaccine mandate targeting small businesses and young children has rankled some residents, while Australians chaffe at draconian new COVID-19 restrictions. RT America’s Natasha Sweatte reports.

Plus, former New York City Council candidate Kerryanne Burke joins to discuss the pandering of “woke” corporations eager to signal their political virtue.