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3 Dec, 2021 19:15

Women's work: Economic squeeze making national extinction inevitable?

The gender gap is real when it comes to pay in all sectors of the US economy. But what if the gap arises not from gender biases and discriminatory work environments at all, but from more profound causes not so easily addressed? And if this is the case, how do we best address it as a “culture?” We assembled an all-female, all-star panel to embark on this timely and estrogen-fueled conversation, touching on the notion of “greedy jobs,” the challenge of balancing professional fulfillment with motherhood, inherited gender roles, the particular struggle of Millennials and Generation Z in establishing a stable household and saving for the future, and the extent to which women’s (economically driven) childbearing decisions may doom the US to a continued decline in its birthrate and, with not enough births to replace the population as it dies, collective national doom?