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2 Dec, 2021 00:38

Should we be thankful for omicron variant?

The latest variant of COVID-19, dubbed "omicron," which has the world on edge and resulted in a new rash of travel restrictions on countries in Africa where it first appeared. It is quickly spreading around the world but so far has proven much milder than its deadly predecessors. It could even be the answer to a pandemic-stricken humanity's prayers. RT America's Alex Mihailovich reports. Then former Georgia state lawmaker LaDawn Jones and Steve Gruber of "the Steve Gruber show" share their insights.

But first, the US Supreme Court heard arguments on Wednesday in a case that may have long-felt repercussions for the landmark decision in "Roe vs. Wade," the ruling that made some degree of access to abortion across the US. Legal contributor Mollye Barrows joins Scottie Nell Hughes to explain the details. We'll hear our panel's reaction to the case.

Plus, the city council of Arlington, Texas is slated to vote on the drilling of three new fracking sites a mere 600 feet from a daycare center. Proponents of fracking say that it helps the economy and brings prosperity to communities. Its critics point to the health and safety problems that plague residents in those communities, and especially children. David McAlvany of the McAlvany Financial Group joins to weigh in on the controversy. And = RT America's John Huddy reports on private space-exploration company SpaceX's new budget-busting starship and the unexpected challenges it presents for CEO Elon Musk and his trailblazing company.