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19 Nov, 2021 00:57

Defense sec just used fear to pad war budget, says US troops have 'readiness' issue (Full show)

Scottie Nell Hughes is furious about the life of luxury and self-enrichment of overpaid defense contractors who get even richer while the men and women in uniform are underpaid and deemed “unready” by a Pentagon constantly arguing for an ever-higher piece of the US budget. Then Afghanistan war veteran and political candidate Tom Norton of the Michigan Conservative Union

But first. fear reigns in Kenosha, Wisconsin on the third day of jury deliberation in the politically polarizing trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, the shooter who killed two violent protesters in what his defense team and supporters claim to be self-defense. National guardsmen remain on alert in anticipation of what their verdict may ignite in the tense city, and media who threaten the process with their hunger for coverage are feeling the sting of rebuke. RT America’s John Huddy reports.

RT America’ Mollye Barrows and Lionel of Lionel Media share their insights into the commutation of Oklahoma convict and death row inmate Julius Jones at the 11th hour. The judge’s order has put the debate over capital punishment, abolished in many states and much of the developed world but which its proponents view as a crucial pillar of America’s justice tradition.

Plus, new samples from Mars make scientists more credulous than ever that the planet may once have been home to recognizable forms of life. RT America's Natasha Sweatte has the details.