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31 Aug, 2021 22:56

Taliban & Biden each take victory lap, but who's the real winner? (Full show)

The Taliban continued its victory celebrations in Kabul in the aftermath of the departure of US forces and President Biden delivered an impassioned speech on Tuesday, promising to “maintain the fight against terror” and lauding the historic airlift of Americans and its local allies from Afghanistan in the bloody US withdrawal. He also criticized the Afghan government for its rapid capitulation to the Taliban. RT America’s John Huddy joins News.Views.Hughes to discuss Biden’s speech.

Civilians in Kabul feel a sense of relief at the absence of more terrorist violence as the last US plane departed Kabul. The Taliban has said that foreign nationals who were unable to leave will be given safe passage, a gesture calculated to garner international recognition. RT’s Murad Gazdiev reports from Kabul. What is to happen to those still needing escape and among whom “fear and uncertainty” still reign? Journalist Bilal Sarwary reports.

The US departure leaves the Taliban in possession of a trove of aircraft, vehicles, weapons and ammunition, seriously affecting the regional power balance. Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof shares his insights. A bizarre attack on a Dallas police station occurred on Sunday, wherein 33-year old Imran Ali Rasheed shot and killed his Lyft driver before opening fire on a police station. America’s Natasha Sweatte reports the latest details.

Plus, “Boom Bust” co-host Brent Jabbour discusses a new initiative in China to work with its tech sector to limit the amount of time young people are able to spend playing video games.