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23 Aug, 2021 21:58

Afghan translator describes Taliban torture of family & begs Biden for help (Full show)

Afghanistan continues to dominate world headlines as the chaos continues to reign in Kabul and US citizens clamor to flee. Despite harsh criticism from the international community, Biden still seems to feel the last few weeks have been a success. As Biden asks to extend the timetable of the US withdrawal, the Taliban tells Washington that “there will be consequences” if US forces remain in Afghanistan past the August 31 deadline.

Members of DC's Afghan community have gathered outside the White House to condemn the Biden administration's withdrawal and oppose negotiations with the Taliban. RT America's Sayeh Tavangar reports. Then RT's Eisa Ali reports on protests in London whose organizers want to see the UK government do more to help translators and others who collaborated with the US, UK and their allies during the war.

Then Afghan expert Saber Nasseri, who worked with US forces as a translator on the front line, joins Scottie Nell Hughes to share his plea that Washington continue the fight against the Taliban and how the US withdrawal constitutes betrayal of Afghan allies.

Former President Donald Trump remains as polarizing a figure as ever, and seems undaunted in his ambition to return to the White House. A recent rally in Alabama drew an impressive 50,000 supporters to hear his take on the Biden administration. Ed Martin of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles and attorney Jeffrey Katz weigh in on Trump’s political future.

Disgraced New York Gov. Cuomo, having resigned his post amid a chorus of denunciations after his history of sexually harassing colleagues came to light, moved out of the governor’s mansion last week ahead of his final days in office. As perhaps a final act of indecency, he left his three-year-old dog behind when he moved. Lionel of Lionel Media shares his insights.