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Why Cuomo's defense makes his accusers even madder (Full show)

Lebanon witnessed massive ceremonies and protests on Wednesday, with thousands of Lebanese marching through the streets of Beirut to commemorate the grim anniversary of an infamous 2020 explosion that killed 214 people and injured thousands more. There has been little to no accountability and the economic and political situation in the country has only continued to deteriorate. Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof joins to share his insights on the tense political situation still simmering in Lebanon. He also weighs in on worrying new friction between Lebanon and neighboring Israel.

Then RT America's Natasha Sweatte reports on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's increasingly precarious fight against mounting scandal and disgrace as calls for his resignation or impeachment intensify and those accusing him of sexual assault and harassment continue their pressure.

And later, former Georgia state Rep. LaDawn Jones and Ned Ryun of American Majority join RT America's John Huddy to weigh in on controversies facing Governors DeSantis and Cuomo over the former's condemnation of the media for fanning COVID-19 hysteria and the ever-greater exposure of the latter's history of alleged sexual assault and harassment at his office.

Plus, author and former athlete Ed Rush joins to discuss the interwoven nature of political activism and athletics at the Olympic Games unfolding in Tokyo. He says he's "thrilled with our athletes" and was pleased that political disruption didn't steal the spotlight, as many feared it might.