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12 Jul, 2021 22:51

Why won't media tell you about attacks on US troops in Iraq & Syria (Full show)

Attacks on US soldiers in Syria are escalating at an unprecedented rate, US military personnel and diplomats were targeted with six attacks alone last week. How will the Biden administration respond? US Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute joins News.ViewsHughes to weigh in. He points out that the governments of both Syria and Iraq have explicitly objected to the US occupation.

But first, large demonstrators against the Communist government could be heard from the streets of Cuba on Sunday, with American flags and other forms of homage to the US making frequent appearances throughout. The protests are the country’s largest in three decades. RT America’s John Huddy reports the details from Miami before RT America’ primetime host Rick Sanchez shares his insights.

President Biden has signed a new executive order, ostensibly aimed at confronting the dangerously concentrated power of commercial giants at the top of the tech, pharmaceutical and agricultural sectors. But because these same giant corporations are the biggest donors to political campaigns, Scottie Nell Hughes wonders whether we can really expect Washington to bring them to heel. Media and legal analyst Lionel of Lionel Media joins to discuss.

Meanwhile, as a massive and escalating mental health crisis stretches services to the breaking point, Virginia opts to halt the admission of new patients to state-run mental hospitals. Where are those most afflicted by mental illness but lacking resources and support supposed to go now? RT America’s Natasha Sweatte reports.