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Kamala's terrible trip (Full show)

On her recent trip to Central America, Vice President Kamala Harris stunned many of her supporters and others inside the Biden Administration by adopting a harsher tone on mass emigration from the region than Team Biden had cultivated during the presidential campaign of 2020. Joe Collins, Republican candidate for California's 43rd congressional district, and political commentator Ivan Garcia-Hidalgo weigh in. They also discuss the broader question of immigration reform.

California's long-standing assault weapons ban was overturned on Friday with the victory of plaintiffs like Jim Miller in his suit against California to end the controversial ban. Miller joins Steve Malzberg (in for Scottie Nell Hughes) to share his perspective.

Plus, the FDA has granted approval for a new Alzheimer's drug for the first time in 20 years, but some within the FDA itself believe the approval to have been rushed and that the drug is less effective than is claimed. And in a recent interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, did former President Barack Obama traffic in "Trump Derangement Syndrome" media myths about rival former President Trump? Steve Malzberg takes a look before he examines Obama's take on extraterrestrial life and how it informs his politics.