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Giuliani: 'What they did to us, they could do to you' (EXCLUSIVE)

Former assistant to President Trump Andrew Giuliani, son of President Trump's personal lawyer and former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani joins News.Views.Hughes to speak out about the treatment of his father at the hands of the FBI and US media, which he deems a flagrant violation of democratic principles.

A number of military officers wrote an open letter to President Biden urging him to beware of the dangers posed by Marxism to constitutional government and supporting Republican efforts at election reform as well as questioning Biden's mental faculties. Critics were quick to condemn the officers for appearing political. Meanwhile, a new US Army recruitment advertisement specifically targeting lesbians is drawing attention to the armed forces' new focus on inclusivity despite women's disproportionate failure to meet military standards of physical fitness. US Army Ranger veteran and Democratic strategist Robin Biro and Josh Pickett, US Army veteran and Vice President of the American Veterans Policy Network (AVPN) join to share their insights.

A new proposal would see a mandate to play the US National Anthem at every publicly-funded sporting event. Barak Lurie of the "Barak Lurie Show" weighs in.