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Trump triumphant as GOP banishes Liz Cheney (Full show)

US Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming) has been ousted from her position in the GOP due to public and deeply critical comments about former President Donald Trump as the party seeks to decide on whom they’ll field in the next US presidential election. Attorney and political commentator Rory Rilley Topping and former Georgia state Rep. Dee Dawkings-Haigler join News.Views.Hughes to share their insights.

But first, multiple US states have declared states of emergency due to the gasoline shortage emerging from the cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline and panic-buying with which the public responded. RT America’s Natasha Sweatte reports.

Then, as the pandemic recedes and various industries begin to reawaken across the US, the car manufacturing sector is seeing the opposite trend. Ford plants have been shutters for weeks and General Motors is expected to soon follow suit. Consumer behavior in response to COVID-19 and the lockdowns that came in its wake led to serious supply-chain issues and a dearth of needed electronic chips. Andrew Arons of Synergy Advisory Management Group LLC shares his expertise.

Plus, the International Olympic committee has voted and decided they are not going to allow Black Lives Matter to be involved in this year’s Olympic Games in any form. Historically certain forms of protest have been allowed at the Olympics and others forbidden. Seventy percent of 3500 surveyed athletes agreed pushing personal political views from one country while participating in the Olympics was inappropriate. AJ Swinson, Chief of Staff at New Journeys, joins to discuss.