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News. Views. Hughes - June 11, 2019 (17:00 ET)

Trump doubles down on China tariffs  

Former USTR official Steve Gill joins News.Views.Hughes to discuss the apparent success of President Trump’s use of weaponized tariffs in negotiations with Mexico and how it has emboldened him vis-à-vis China and elsewhere. He points out that critics of the policy within the GOP have particular local interests related to agriculture informing their viewpoint.

WATCH: Russian jet intercepts spy planes 

A Russian SU-27 fighter jet intercepted and “escorted” US and Swedish surveillance aircraft over the Baltic Sea when the latter flew into Russian airspace. This is just the latest in an accelerating pattern of confrontation between Russia and the west. Sara Montes de Oca joins News.Views.Hughes with the details.

Tainted justice: Leaked docs rock Brazil

Leaked documents appear to show evidence of secret and illegal collaboration between the judge and prosecutors in the corruption case against Brazil’s former President Lula da Silva. The case resulted in his imprisonment and forced his withdrawal from the 2018 presidential election. RT America’s Rachel Blevins reports for News.Views.Hughes.