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15 May, 2019 23:09

News. Views. Hughes -May 15, 2019 (17:00 ET)

China calls for ‘people’s war’ on US

Livid at President Trump’s threat of an additional $300 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods, Chinese media slammed the Trump administration’s “greed and arrogance” and placed blame for the US-China trade war squarely on Trump, calling for a “people’s war” to achieve China’s “legitimate interests.” Meanwhile President Trump continues to insist that the US economy is “stronger than ever before” and that the US maintains “a strong position” even as US-China trade negotiations continue to break down. Meanwhile, Wikipedia has joined the growing list of globally popular websites banned in China. RT America’s Sara Montes de Oca reports for News.Views.Hughes.

Will Alabama law end Roe v. Wade?

Is the GOP engaged in a concerted effort to overturn Roe v. Wade? Former state Rep. Dee Dawkins (D-Georgia) and Carrie Sheffield, national editor of Accuracy in Media,  join News.Views.Hughes to debate Alabama’s controversial new abortion law, the toughest in the country, and the rising tide of pro-life legislation in Republican states.

Exxon claims prosecutorial misconduct in fraud case

New York’s attorney general has blocked Exxon’s request for emails sent by two prosecutors who have a history of involvement in “green energy” litigation. The company is being sued for defrauding investors by allegedly concealing its impact on global climate change and thus downplaying its expectations regarding regulation and profitability in the future. Legal journalist and contributor to “America’s Lawyer” Mollye Barrows joins News.Views.Hughes to share her insights.