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News. Views. Hughes - February 12, 2019 (17:00 ET)

Politics of regime change ‘dangerous & inhumane’

Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute joins News.Views.Hughes to blast the “total lie” that President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela “is blocking aid to his own people” and to discuss the clamor for regime change in Venezuela in the larger context of neocon warmongering around the world.

Wall: To build or not to build

Trump said he is “extremely unhappy” with Democrats following the last minute agreement to forestall another government shutdown. Are we any closer to solving the controversy over Trump’s promised border wall? Talk radio host and civil rights attorney Robert Patillo and Julio Rivera of the Reactionary Times join News.Views.Hughes to debate.

Social media & depression

New research shows that social media use increases our susceptibility to depression and that teenage girls are twice as likely as boys to show depressive symptoms. But another study suggests that girls with depressive tendencies are more drawn to social media and not the other way around. RT America’s Trinity Chavez has the details.