News. Views. Hughes - February 11, 2019 (17:00 ET)

Most Venezuelans politically independent – Lucas Koerner

Journalist Lucas Koerner joins News.Views.Hughes from Venezuela to discuss the reality of life for ordinary Venezuelans. Will the recently imposed sanctions that are pushing the country deeper into poverty force a civil war? Koerner explains that more than half of the people are independents, suggesting that everyday Venezuelans care less about who controls the presidency than resolving the country’s tangible problems. He also discusses the infamous career of Elliott Abrams, current US envoy to Venezuela, and why this makes Caracas view US humanitarian aid with suspicion. 

Killing INF: Who’s REALLY to blame for new global arms race?

Russian officials insist that they are in full compliance with the Intermediate-range Nuclear Arms (INF) agreement but western news sources continually blame Russia for the US withdrawal from the treaty. The Trump administration makes no secret of its intent to develop new weapons and both powers are poised to develop new land-based missile systems. RT America’s Sara Montes de Oca has the details.

Hundreds of kids sexually abused at Southern Baptist Church

Scottie Nell Hughes discusses recent reports of the sexual abuse of over 700 victims within the Southern Baptist Church over the past two decades. She decries the “layers of dysfunction and lack of accountability” that let the abuse go on for so long.