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28 Jan, 2022 22:55

Even Ukraine wants US media to chill out about Russian invasion (Full show)

The search continues for the $100 million F35C that went down over the South China Sea. The US Navy is aware that if Beijing finds and reverse engineers the wreck it will significantly tip the balance of global military prowess in China’s favor. RT producer Enrique Rivera reports.

The US Defense Secretary admits that war with Russia is not inevitable. Russia’s foreign ministry continues to emphasize that the country’s vital interests are being ignored by the West. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says that a war against Russia, even with US help, would cost $4-5 billion in the damage it would bring to his country's economy. He is accusing the West of sowing panic over a potential Russian incursion. RT America’s Alex Mihailovich reports. Then RT America’s Michael Maloof shares his insights. He points out that Washington isn’t trying to see things from Russia’s perspective at all and is intensifying an already volatile Ukraine situation by “pumping in arms.” He also laments the “self-fulfilling prophecy” that comes from the media “egging on” those who prophesy an imminent conflict.

Then David Swanson, executive director of World Beyond War, weighs in on the “unnamed sources” behind the drive toward war between the US and Russia. He says CNN is more culpable than NATO or the Pentagon in stirring up fears about the possibility of a looming Russian invasion.

Plus, Ben Holden of the Ultimate Hockey Hub joins to discuss the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing, with a sneak peak at our coverage with sports correspondent Steve Christakos.