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25 Jan, 2022 01:49

Head of German navy forced to resign over Crimea remarks (Full show)

The US state department increased the alert level of Ukraine to 4 - its highest designation - over perceived threat of Russian invasion and COVID-19. It also warned families of embassy staff and non-essential workers that they should evacuate Kiev. Meanwhile almost 10,000 US soldiers have been placed on “heightened preparedness” to deploy and yet more arms and supplies have been conveyed to Ukraine. Faran Fronczak brings us up to speed. Then RT America’s Alex Mihailovich reports. Then RT’s Peter Oliver reports on major US Naval drills under way in the Mediterranean, a promise of 1.2 billion Euros to Ukraine from the European Union to counter the "threat" posed by Russia, as well as new NATO commitments to deploy personnel and equipment to Eastern Europe ahead of an expected Russian “incursion,” after which RT America senior writer Nebojsa Malic joins to share his expertise.

RT's Shadia Edward-Dashti reports on the recent victory of Julian Assange in his ongoing fight against extradition from UK to the US. He is considered a high risk for suicide due to his mental health, the likely result of years of persecution at the hands of Washington following his exposure of US brutality in its invasion of Iraq and other "secrets" of US global power politics.

The Crystal Symphony, a cruise ship billing itself as a "sanctuary of refined style" was homeward bound for Miami after touring the Bahamas with hundreds of passengers on board when it abruptly reversed course to avoid responsibility for $4.6 million in unpaid fuel cost when news arrived of a US judge ruling against the ship's parent company and ordering the seizure of the vessel. RT America's John Huddy has the details of the ridiculous situation.

NATO has resolved to deploy equipment and troops to Eastern Europe ahead of a feared Russian invasion of Ukraine despite Russia's denial of any such plan. Nevertheless, internal divisions within NATO are widening. Kristina vanden Huevel, editorial director at The Nation joins to share her insights on NATO, Nordstream 2, conflict in Ukraine and related topics.