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23 Dec, 2021 01:12

Exclusive: Lavrov explains Russian skepticism on Western promises (Full show)

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov says his country has lost trust in the West. Speaking to RT on Wednesday, he lamented NATO's eastward expansion and expressed surprise that western officials don't see how it threatens "indivisible security" in the region. Russia will not "choose the path of confrontation" over Ukraine. But can disagreements be resolved diplomatically? RT producer Enrique Rivera has the details. Then Jeremy Kuzmarov of CovertAction Magazine shares his insights.

Prof. Richard Wolff of the Economic Report joins to discuss the billions that were stolen from pandemic relief programs as the US scrambled to help those whose livelihoods were lost or put on pause by COVID-19 and the lockdowns that came with it. He points out that there are "much more productive and creative ways" ways to handle large-scale unemployment that aren't as vulnerable to fraud.

Plus, a Georgia man is out of prison after serving 23 years in a maximum-security facility following wrongful conviction for murder. Devonia Inman was sentenced to life without parole despite mounting evidence that he was in fact innocent, including the true murderer's confession. Attorney Jessica Cina, who worked on Inman's case, shares her insights on what she calls the "snowball from Hell" wherein mistakes at every level led authorities to convict Inman in order to hide their own mistakes.

A new US program to investigate UFO sightings and then share their research with other countries and officials in Congress. Author and filmmaker Sean Stone reacts.