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17 Dec, 2021 23:50

Amazing discovery should entirely change our view of Mars

Scientists are giddy at the welcome surprise of finding much more water beneath the surface of Mars than they'd expected. RT America's Mollye Barrows reports on the major find of a "significant" volume of water on Mars and what it means for future probing of the Red Planet. Then Harvard Professor Dr. Avi Loeb reacts to the astonishing discovery.

Then RT's Nikki Aaron reports on the rising COVID-19 death toll and its impact on President Biden's popularity before RT America's Natasha Sweatte reports on plans in New York, New York to ban gas stoves.

RT America producer Enrique Rivera takes a look at Russia’s new security proposal to NATO. This comes at a time of heightened tension between East and West over Ukraine's political crisis. We examine the history of NATO's relationship with Russia and shed light on the current situation.

A judge has ruled in favor of the victims of the opioid crisis eager to punish Purdue Pharma, widely condemned for wantonly stoking the opioid crisis for the sake of massive profits, misinforming the public about opioids even as addiction spiraled and deaths mounted. The ruling has opened the floodgates for a deluge of litigation against the infamous pharmaceutical giant. RT America’s Alex Mihailovich reports. Plus, sports correspondent Steve Christakos gives a review of recent highlights from the world of sports.