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16 Dec, 2021 02:57

Cable news crisis: Networks frantic to appeal to news-starved audience (Full show)

Viewers want to see real things happening to real people instead of partisan talking points. Mainstream outlets are taking note and staking their survival on novel streaming platforms with which they hope to catch up with their audience. Meanwhile, new revelations about the hypocrisy that saturates cable news on the left and right and the toxic coziness of major networks with those in power are daily coming to light. Faran Fronczak elucidates the changing character of journalism. Then legal and media Lionel of Lionel Media shares his insights abot “the absolute, mind-blowing, breathtaking hubris” of cable hosts blinded by their self-importance. He also discusses the erosion of the “firewall” between reportage and opinion in journalism.

Then RT producer Enrique Rivera reports the latest from the cable news wars as major networks compete over a dwindling audience and pour billions into streaming platforms as they adjust to changed viewing preferences. Then Mila Ghorayeb, columnist and podcast host, weighs in on the blurring of commentary and reportage and the news consumption habits of Millennial viewers.

Plus, more than a dozen US senators and representatives are accused of potentially violating the Congressional Knowledge Act or "Stock Act" by owning shares in companies that profited immensely from Congress's COVID-19 response.
In what NASA is calling a "major milestone," its Parker Solar Probe has crossed the threshold of the outermost boundary of the Sun. RT America's John Huddy explains.