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2 Dec, 2021 01:46

What Washington won't tell you about inflation (Full show)

The politicians, lobbyists and think tanks, i.e. the grifters in Washington, DC, seem primarily interested in regurgitating partisan talking points and justifying a status quo where they can continue to fail the public while secure in their own livelihood. But Faran Fronczak takes us from droughts in the Americas to Europe's energy crisis to the exploding price of corn to the outrageous expense of your Thanksgiving turkey. She points out that the same voices who decry "government spending" as the cause of inflation are much quieter about ever greater sums going toward the US military or about stoking tension with Russia and China. Then Prof. Richard Wolf of Democracy at Work shares his expertise.

Plus, the Pentagon has ordered more Aircraft Carriers to the Pacific to preempt conflict with China. Meanwhile, Washington plans to deploy fighter and bomber planes to Guam and Australia to counter Beijing. The two world powers are engaged in a new arms race. China and Russia, have developed and successfully tested hypersonic weapons systems while the US has yet to do so. RT America's Trinity Chavez reports on the US military's unflinching global bellicosity and tremendous expense to taxpayers. Then former naval intelligence officer John Jordan shares his insights.

RT America's Alex Mihailovich updates us on the latest variant of COVID-19, dubbed "omicron," which has the world on edge and has resulted in a new rash of travel restrictions on countries in Africa where it first appeared.

And RT America's John Huddy reports on private space-exploration company SpaceX's new budget-busting starship and the unexpected challenges it presents for CEO Elon Musk and his trailblazing company.