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19 Nov, 2021 01:59

Death penalty kills those who 'can't afford' good lawyer (Full)

We take a look at the circumstances that led to the legal proceedings that won a death sentence for Julius Jones for murder. Right before his execution, and with new doubts about the evidence against him, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt ordered the executioner to stay his hand. CeCe Jones, founder of the Justice for Julius Coalition, joins to explain her relief at the governor's order and her organization's tireless campaign on the inmate's behalf. A multitude of organizations and voices in the US and abroad continue stridently to condemn capital punishment, while its proponents see it as crucial to the America's justice system.

Meanwhile, a judge in Rittenhouse case prohibited MSNBC from entering the Kenosha, Wisconsin courthouse or continuing their on-site coverage of the events. RT America’s John Huddy joins live from the scene to explain why.

Then, Prof. Peter Kuznick of American University joins RT America's Faran Fronczak with his reaction to Russian President Putin's warning to NATO on Thursday, in remarks given to assembled diplomats at the Foreign Ministry, that the strategic bombers and "very dangerous weapons" NATO forces have put in the Black Sea are responsible for rising tensions in the region.