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18 Nov, 2021 01:57

Fair trial impossible in social media era? (Full show)

Faran Fronczak reminds us about the spectacular nature of the OJ Simpson trial of yesteryear. She compares it to the Rittenhouse trial and asks whether the advent of social media with its constant production of “viral moments” has fundamentally altered the nature of American justice. Is the “fair trial” a thing of the past for high-profile defendants? RT America’s John Huddy reports from Kenosha, Wisconsin, where another night’s recess has commenced for the jury, still in deliberation, and the defense has again moved to declare a mistrial. Legal and media analyst Lionel of Lionel Media and criminal defense attorney Ajay Pallegar share their insights.

Responding to the sudden resurgence of sabre rattling in the US concerning Russian military maneuvers in its own territory that Ukraine, fairly or not, observes with some foreboding, Russian President Putin pointed out how much more threatening and inappropriate was the US military flexing its naval and air power near Russia’s southern coast. Adding to the tensions, Ukraine has commenced war games within shooting distance of its border with Russia as Washington’s constant stream of weaponry and other aid to Ukraine continues apace. Jeremy Kuzmarov of CovertAction Magazine shares his insights after RT America’s Alex Mihailovich provides the details. Plus, RT America’s Trinity Chavez reports in a fatal once-in-a-lifetime weather event that has Vancouver, Canada scrambling to cope.