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12 Nov, 2021 01:57

Twilight of truckers: Drone tech to sacrifice 3.5 million jobs on altar of profit (Full show)

Faran Fronczak compares the precarious and exploited position of today’s truckers with the job security and expectation of a dignified retirement enjoyed by truckers generations ago. Fortune 500 companies have paid lobbyists millions to keep Congress from raising wages and improving life for the country’s innumerable professional truckers, confounding the efforts of these drivers to organize for a better deal. Truckers and Wall Street seemed at an impasse until the imminent advent of driverless trucks appeared. Will it change the balance? Lewie Pugh of the Operated Independent Drivers Association and emerging technology futurist Ian Khan join to discuss the dawning crisis in the US workforce with its 3.5 million truckers who find their livelihoods on the brink of annihilation.

On the other side of the 2020 economic lockdowns, Americans polled about their worries about crime, answered in telling but at times unexpected ways. They are also carrying weapons at an unprecedented level, and show a heightened cognizance of cybersecurity. RT America’s Mollye Barrows has the details.

Plus, New York City Mayor-Elect Eric Adams says he intends a return to the controversial use of plainclothes police units to make a dent in his city’s rising tide of violent crime. Critics of the tactic say it will only provoke violence and bloodshed. Chivona Newsome, co-founder of BLM Greater New York joins RT America’s Faran Fronczak to share her insights.