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23 Jan, 2020 07:16

All rescue roads lead to the elite (E1492)

In this episode of Keiser Report, Max and Stacy look at the fact that every crisis is now used as an asset, resource, and wealth grab for the economic elite. One such case is the mysterious repo market turmoil, which sees money velocity continue to collapse despite the NY Fed throwing tens of billions daily into the coffers of the bankers, with the money simply disappearing into their huge and unspendable hoard of wealth. In Haiti, the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, a devastating earthquake ten years ago saw billions donated to the country – only for the cash to end up in the pockets of the biggest corporations and most politically connected elite, with hardly any at all reaching the Haitian people. In the second half of the programme, Max talks to Chris Martenson of PeakProsperity.com about the ‘fourth turning’, mass unrest, excessive money printing from the central bank, and gold markets.

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