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27 Jul, 2019 08:13

Time value of money disappears (E1415)

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the mainstream financial press turning to the metaphors and analogies the Keiser Report started using a decade ago about the obvious blackhole of debt that would put central bankers into a quicksand of negative rate policy trap. A full 25% of global sovereign debt is now negative yielding with a whopping 85% of German debt negative. This means that the time value of money has disappeared, hence a fundamental law of monetary physics has been broken. So, what is next? They look at the historical break from gold which had provided an anchor to time value, and how that hurtled us over the debt event horizon and into a negative yielding world. They also look at a recent exchange between a CNBC host and the treasury secretary on bitcoin and the dollar.

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