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12 Dec, 2021 13:00

Is Biden admin's Beijing Olympics boycott already falling flat?

US athletes still intend to compete at the 2021 Winter Olympics in Beijing despite an official “boycott” by the Biden administration. The gesture intends to call attention to China’s alleged human rights abuses by maintaining the conspicuous absence of US dignitaries. China and the Olympic Committee decry the move as “manipulative” and “sensationalist.” Scottie Nell Hughes asks China-watcher Chris Fenton, author of “Feeding the Dragon,” to share his analysis.

Plus, Octavio Martinez of Optimas LLC talks with “Boom Bust” about the fate of badly-hit Evergrande, China’s largest real estate developer, and what shockwaves to expect from a default on its more than $82 billion debt. Tyrel Ventura of “Watching the Hawks” joins “In Question” to discuss the hack of US State Department employees’ iPhones in Uganda by means of Israeli spyware. Former Gov. Jesse Ventura weighs in on the glaring lack of accountability in the CIA concerning at least 10 of its employees committing numerous sex crimes involving children over a 14-year period, which he contrasts with the “involuntary manslaughter” charges brought against 15-year-old school shooter Ethan Crumbly.

Meanwhile, Farron Cousins of Trial Lawyer Magazine joins “America’s Lawyer” to discuss the organized, rampant smash-and-grab crime currently plaguing California’s major cities. As many as 90 people targeted high-end retail stores and dozens of arrests have been made. But have we seen the last of it? Then Naomi Karavani of “Redacted Tonight” interviews Ben Burgis about the confusing legacy of British-American author and journalist Christopher Hitchens. And while rationality is generally seen as a positive trait, and a must for civil society and social progress. But what exactly does it mean to be “rational,” and how did it come to acquire so much importance? William Shatner asks the deep questions. And lastly, let’s hear some of what Diamond-selling dancehall reggae artist Shaggy tells Dennis Miller about his new Christmas album in an unseasonably hot new interview.