Interview with Sophie Shevardnadze

  • 'Assad is Syrian - he should stay and help solve crisis'
    A split in the UNSC is the root of the Syria peace roadmap failure, President of South Africa Jacob Zuma told RT. According to Zuma, there should be no talk of Syrian President Bashar Assad fleeing, as he should help find a solution...
    May 28, 2013 10:58
  • Interview with Sophie Shevardnadze
    Interviews are too often uncomfortable and artificial. Interview with Sophie Shevardnadze takes away the barriers and creates a more casual setting where she meets with major newsmakers, leading politicians, international art figures, bright new thinkers, and innovators in science and technology. Sophie travels the world to meet her guests where, relaxed and informal, she seeks out important and interesting aspects of a person's life and work. Her interviews are exclusive to RT and you will find them no where else on the planet.