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19 Apr, 2024 06:05

Out of this world: Meet the superheroes of our time


Space has always captured humanity’s imagination, but only the chosen few are able to head beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. It takes years of preparation to finally take on the final frontier. Every cosmonaut’s path starts in Zvyozdniy Gorodok or Star city, not far from Moscow. Learning to operate a spacecraft, breathing under g-forces, moving in zero gravity, working in outer space and even coping with long-term isolation – all this is taught in Zvyozdniy with the help of flying labs, centrifuges, hydrolabs and a lot more.

Space training pushes the limits of human abilities to the very edge. So, who are the superheroes of our time? Join Inland Visions to meet past and future cosmonauts and get to know a little more about one of the most important jobs in the world.

Check ‘Inland Visions’ out on social media to get an exclusive behind the scenes look into the show https://t.me/InlandVisions