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11 Aug, 2023 06:04

The Allure of Amber: Discovering the Secrets of Kaliningrad’s Baltic Gold


Amber is filled with sunlight and mined from the Earth's crust, which made it a darling of kings’ and alchemists' in the past. In this edition of Inland Visions, we head to Russia's Kaliningrad region to uncover its mysteries.

Host Sean Thomas discovers the source of this precious mineral with paleontologist Eduard Mychko, and then hears the legends that made it so magical from Amber Museum curator Irina Krivonos.

Will Sean finally get his hand's on some amber of his own? He's off to meet chief surveyor of the Kaliningrad Amber Combine, Oleg Papin, to witness the mining process. And, artist Zhanna Lopatkina opens up her workshop to reveal the secrets of working with such a delicate material.

Check ‘Inland Visions’ out on social media to get an exclusive behind the scenes look into the show https://t.me/InlandVisions